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SHRED-911™ Document Destruction

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|About Us|

SHRED-911™ has been protecting businesses, medical practices, legal firms, government offices, courts, and the good folks of East Texas with secure document destruction since 2008.

It's so very easy.

We'll set a PAPER|SAFE™ or a SHRED|CART™ at your location. Then, every 4-, 8-, or 12-weeks, a tech will swap it for an empty. You'll get a Certificate of Destruction, and your stuff will meet its demise in our SEM™ DISINTEGRATOR™. We also do shredding by-the-pound and destroy hard drives and other media. Bonus: we'll come pick it up, or you can drop it off by appointment.

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Document Destruction

Dis•in•te•grate: to reduce to particles, fragments, or parts; break up or destroy.

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Hard Drive and Media Destruction

CD's, DVD's, X-ray's, and Hard Drives are doomed in our devices.

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License to Carry Class

Because nothing stops a bad guy with a gun like a good guy with a gun.

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2971 US Highway 175 E,
Athens, TX 75752

888-350-SHRED (7473)

Shredding is important.
|So is your life|

SHRED-911™ proudly offers Texas LTC "License to Carry" classes at our plant in Athens. Visit to register, or for more information.